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Nodding Head Brewery and Restaurant

George’s Fault

Very interesting. Strikes an unusual balance between a Tripel and a Dubbel for me, with the honey definitely giving the Tripel sweetness, but whatever spices are present creating an interesting, darker feel. Dubbel like appearance, dark brown and a small head and little lacing, with sweetness of honey the power in the aroma. I didn't really pick up much coriander or orange in either the nose or the taste as advertised, but there was a sort of peppery twang in the finish. Alcohol at 9.00% is...


Decent Brown Ales are difficult things to get right in my opinion, and this sort of fell between two stools. The malty sweetness is there in the nose and the taste (which is a good thing), but the mouthfell let it down somewhat. A little too thin and watery for my taste. Nice deep brown appearance, but lack of head and lacing definitely detracts form the look. There was a little chocolate in there, but I didn't feel there was as much as some others have noted. The light drinking does mean that...