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Notes on beers brewed by

New Century Brewing Company

MoonShot Beer

Interesting. Very surprised to see that only four people have reviewed this so far. It's been around for ages. Also surprisingly, this is a decent looking beer, with a head that has much better retention than most macros, and comes with a little lacing too! Body is golden yellow with not too pale an appearance either. In fact to look at, this is pretty darn good! OK, after the appearance, then it's not so good, but is far from the worst beer I've ever drunk. The aroma is typical alcohol based...

Edison Light Beer

A surprisingly enjoyable experience. A very sweet malty experience with a light hop after taste. As usual I came to this brew with some pre-conceived ideas, but as can happen, I was pleasantly surprised. A very clean looking presentation with the clear bottle and the deep yellow color, the beer pours with more head, carbonation and body than most other light lagers. The first tastes are refreshing and this is maintained throughout the drink. Not bad at all! Might even go there again.