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Notes on beers brewed by

Moon River Brewing Company

The Captain’s Porter

Definitely got the semi-sweet character that is in the advertisment, but missed any chocolate. This is a fine example of the style, good smooth body (which is really the most imortant part of the style for me) which made it very drinkable. Lovely opaque black pour, but smaller than I would have liked head. Initial toasty malts are present that lend the beer a warmth that attracts you into the taste. Really enjoyable, in fact the MRB gave me two really enjoyable beers on my visit.

The Bomb-Dry Stout

Very nice, light drinking, but very tasty stout. The reason I liked this so much was the true to style interpretation. There was a noticeable dryness in the finish of this stout that suggested care and quality. I was happily surprised. Nice looking, black with red highlights in the pour, with a really, really dark tan head. Very attractive. Some caramel in the nose and then moves quickly on to lots of brown sugar and a hint of smoked chocolate. Sweetness is gone very quickly though, to reveal...