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Microbrouwerij Achilles

Serafijn Grand Cru

750 mL bottle from Green's on Ponce, Atlanta, GA, USA. $8.95 for the orange foil topped, capped bottle. Lot 06/07 on the cap. A little gunsmoke on opening and a slight burst of carbonation. Into the Duvel tulip it goes. Smells a bit "old". Big head and very nice lace. Dark orange body. Sweet, malty yeasty nose that reminds me of another brew that I just cannot put my finger on. Tastes are a really earthy, rustic feel. In fact it seems to remind my of OLD beer. It's a bit odd and it really...

Serafijn Christmas Angel

$11.99, Cheers, Carrollton, GA, USA. 750 mL bottle, capped. Poured into the Urthel goblet. Big frothy head sits atop the burned orange colored body. Carbonation is a little too lively for my liking - seems kind of fizzy. Musty yeast in the nose. Fruits are all over the place on the initial taste, but these back off quickly to leave a dry and surprisingly balanced beer. Not much sweetness in fact. A mild white pepper bitterness sits against the Belgian candy and yeast, and the overall...