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Notes on beers brewed by

Melbourn Bros.

Melbourn Bros. Apricot

Won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I enjoyed it. Extremely attractive pour, especially the golden, crystal clear body. Good head, but lace is scant and quickly gone. Aroma has obvious fruit, but to me it's a little more like a mild, low alcohol, scrumpy apple nose. Taste too is obviously fruit, and although less apple like it is still not easy for me to pin down as *specifically* Apricot. Drinks very easy with a big sweetness but at the same time it has a pleasing tang of sharpness at the...

Melbourn Bros. Strawberry

Orange pinkish body with an impressive head and nice lacing. The lacing has a pink tinge to it. Massive strawberry nose. Is this good or bad?? It's very, very sweet with an alco-pop taste, but a sufficiently tart finish to make you take notice. Beer? Well, it is so strawberry infused that it is difficult to tell. I guess women will love it, blokes won't. Very sweet but I suppose it has a novelty factor. Certainly you could open peoples eyes by telling them that this is beer, but it's very...