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Logsdon Farmhouse Ales
Logsdon Two Rivers Violette

Logsdon Two Rivers

Much the same as its sister beer, Two Rivers Noir in many respects. After cracking the cap there is an intriguing foam that protrudes out of the top of the bottle, as if it is fermenting - it is bottle-conditioned. Poured head is that of a soda. Fizzy but disappeared entirely almost entirely. Slightly cloudy, rose or purple colored body. Label tells us this is 75% Malbec grape Saison and 25% Brettanomyces Table Saison. Nose offers generic fruit. Mouthfeel is lively and quite fizzy. Lots of...

Logsdon Pruim ‘n Brett

Pruim ‘n Brett

Bottled 11.29.21. The usual Logsdon presentation. My second time having this beer. Light pop on opening, carbonated as expected. There's a light, pinkish hue to the mostly orange, hazed body. Head is appropriately wispy, leaves a better than expected thin film. No lace. Nose has some light cheesiness and a touch of funk. Tastes are not tart per se, but also lack sweetness. Nice and dry, a little champagne like on the tongue and the palate. Highly drinkable, helped by the creamy (not prickly)...

Logsdon Peche ‘n Brett

Peche ‘n Brett

Batch no: 2021, Bottled on 2/23/22. Pale, clouded yellow body with a modest head. Head is light and bubbly. Light film is left, a very, very light touch of lace, hardly anything left on the glass. Great mouthfeel. Feels both lively and light. Light, fruity acidity on the nose, not necessarily discernible as peach for me. Nice, but somewhat generic. There's a lovely, gentle balance about this beer. Sour and sweet complement rather than compete. Gently vying with one another for the spotlight....

Logsdon Two Rivers Noir

Logsdon Two Rivers Noir

I love several Logsdon beers, I generally enjoy a wine influenced beer, and farmhouse funk is certainly part of my ‘favorite style’ profile. All good, things seem set fair here, then … or is it? Head is that of a soda. Fizzy but disappeared entirely almost instantly. Slightly cloudy, raspberry colored body. Large cheese funk on the nose, but that’s not carried forward much to the tastes. This is way too fruit forward for me. When look at the blend it is essentially 75% fruit beer, and it...