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Notes on beers brewed by

Lion Brewery, Inc.

Stegmaier Porter

Thanks to SilentSabre who gave me this a few months ago. It finally made it to the front of the DBF! Cheers Matt. 12 oz bottle. WOW, what a pour! This looks exactly like a high quality RIS! Jet black body and the (high) head has the appearance of that mocha/dark espresso type head - very impressive to look at. Nice malty chocolate nose, quite strong and is nice. Some sweetness in taste but the mouthfeel is where this beer fails a little. I like a creaminess in my Porters and this fails to live...

Stegmaier Brewhouse Bock

Thanks to SilentSabre and the BeerBeing for hooking me up with this. Orange amber pour with minimal lacing and head. Frankly bit flat looking. It looks a bit thin too, but it drinks better than that would initially suggest. Nice, rich caramel, toffee cream flavors and a full sweet mouthfeel make this drink much better than it looks. Creaminess is certainly the main event here and it is very round. Malty and distinct lack of hop bitterness in keeping with the style. The nose offers up some...