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Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company
Indian Summer


Pour recedes to leave zero head, zero lace. Looks like a lucozade. Really fruity, but not really in an orangey way. Complete clarity. If the wheat was there to any extent it must have been filtered out. No 'wheat' feel to this beer for me. No hint of coriander to speak of either. It's a little strange to me that with the orange and coriander added, this isn't more 'Wit' like. I understand it it is not supposed to be a Wit per se, but nevertheless. It IS clean and crisp but the 'spice' is not...

Reb Ale

Reb Ale

12 oz bottle, thanks go out to Jason for the chance to try this. "Greatest Nation on Earth" (usual "USA, USA" crap) on the label that ignores so much....ho hum...back to the beer. Nice color that has plenty of depth in the orange color but has a terrible lack of head, retention and lace. Seems quite highly carbonated for the style. A little prickly in the mouth. Nose has some light orange and some mild hops. The beer is very light and has a touch of light hops. It's so light it feels perhaps a...

Reb Ale

Southern Pecan

Thought I would crack this 12 oz bottle in celebration of the FTH, AL bill passing on Friday. Not an AL beer, but you get the idea! Only MS to go! A little lighter in the body color than I expected. Good, dense, white head and surprising carbonation for the style. A little lively in the mouth for a Brown Ale. Lace is disappointing. Nose and tastes have the good, nutty, moreish character I was expecting. Malt based (obviously) it drinks above a broken, spotty head. Nice as a one-off, but the...