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Notes on beers brewed by

Královský Pivovar Krušovice a.s. (The Royal Brewery of Krušovice )

Krušovice Cerne

$1.99, 500 mL bottle, Cheers, Carrollton, GA, USA Brown Ale type pour with a decent head - not much lacing. Brown and garnet highlights, a little less black than some in the style. Has some sweet malt characteristics and finish with a little bitterness. Nice example of the style, simple and straightforward. A little lacking in body, but decent enough. I often look at the Schwarzbier's and feel that there is something missing from the experience. A little more depth in malt, sweetness or body...

Krušovice Imperial

$1.99 Cheers, Carrollton, GA, USA. 500 mL bottle. Looks good. Golden with some nice sticky lacing and some small but persistent head. Some pretty good carbonation in the Sweetwater 420 "logoed", Pilsner glass. Dry, hop aroma that is clean. Saaz? in the nose. Pils taste, that is clean, but this beer really lacks a BITE. There is a serious lack of bitterness and not the kind of hop presence I look for in my Pils. A lack of sharp aftertaste. Too soft around the edges for me in the style, with a...