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Innis & Gunn

Rum Cask Oak Aged Beer

11.2 oz single from Hop City, Atlanta, GA, USA. recently in four packs in Atlanta. Clear bottle presentation with the blue accents makes a very attractive proposition. The color of this beer is truly a sight to behold. Beautiful clarity on the pour and a copper/red/burgandy body sits underneath a white head. Some lace and a fine film forms on the surface of the shimmering body. Nose is surprisingly muted to be honest. Even on warming the liquor aspect is not strong to me (although it is...

Innis And Gunn Oak Aged Beer

11.2 oz clear (get over it) bottle. Great presentation. $4.99, Green's, Ponce de Leon, Atlanta, GA, USA. Light orange color with a nice head and some of the best lacing I have seen in a while. Caramel popcorn dominates the nose. Delicious. This is liquid honey! Amazingly subtlely sweet and smooth. The taste is amazing. A great balance of malt and alcohol with a drier than expected bitterish finish. I don't really get the oak barrels in the taste, but there is a huge vanilla flavor imparted to...