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Hop Back Brewery plc

Hopback Summer Lightning

Very nice. Clear, golden pour with good carbonation but this fades quickly and there is not much lace. Mildly disappointed in the look (perhaps a function of the bottling). Very distinct hop aroma with almost a sweet, oak aged or whisky type smell - VERY attractive! Extremely light drinking, this is well named. Refreshing and initial sweetness is backed up with perfect balance that takes the drinkability to a new level. I am guessing that this suffers a little in the bottle, so, fresher and...

Hopback Entire Stout

Black body with a colossal head and persistent, big carbonation. Great looking, but the carbonation is mildly annoying. Great lace and the towering almost solid-like head makes this an impressive beer in the glass. Single 1 Pint .9 fl oz bottle from Michaels, Marietta, GA, USA. Plenty of lactose sweetness in the nose. A light and easy drinking stout that manages to pull it off by still being full of flavor and satisfying. Sometimes these lower ABV stouts can be a little light and not creamy...