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Hook Norton Brewery Co. Ltd.
Hooky  Bitter

Hooky Bitter

$5.00 for the 500 mL bottle from Bruisin' Ales, Asheville, NC, USA. The pour is WAY TOO light for my liking. I'm alarmed by the golden color that competes with the word "Bitter" on the label. NOT my idea of the look of an English Bitter at all, but maybe times have changes somewhat and the advent of the English, "Golden Ale" seems to be permeating all kinds of areas that I never thought it would. Outside of the appearance I get a whole load of things that seem more familiar to me. Light,...

Hooky  Bitter

Hooky Gold

Relatively recent arrival in the USA, $5.00 from Bruisin' Ales, Asheville, NC, USA. 500 mL bottle, incorrectly in the database at 4.1%, actually 4.2%; update sent. Into the Youngs (Imperial) pint glass. Reading the bottle and knowing what I know about English beer, I am immediately suspicious of this brew for a least one reason. The name worries me since I'm expecting that this one of the relatively new (last 5 years) breed of British "Golden Ales" that have popped up. As far as I can tell,...

Hooky  Bitter

Old Hooky

Absolutely delighted to come across this 500 mL bottle at Bruisn' Ales in Asheville, NC, USA. $5.00. Tall thin brown bottle in the USA, NOT as shown in the BA database. In my opinion this is incorrectly categorized as a English Brown Ale - it simply isn't. This is a classic English, ESB in my book. Body is light and produces a small head with little lace. English Pale Ale color. Majestic bottle. Hell Yeah! Nose and tastes are incredibly fruity with tremendous presence. The malt nose is bigger...

Hooky  Bitter

Double Stout

Classy, 500 mL bottle poured into Harpoon 0.5L glass. Green's on Buford, Atlanta, GA, USA. $4.99 I think. Dark, dark brown with some reddish/black highlights. The head is great, and the lace substantial. Looks really nice. Smooth, easy drinking with a lovely dryish taste that is mellow and well balanced. Light licorice notes, very mild roastiness and some buttery bread. Mild, sweet roasted notes in the nose. Simple beer, that is well crafted with low ABV and very easy to drink. This is SO...

Hooky  Bitter

Twelve Days

Both amazed and delighted to find a Hook Norton product at Green's on Buford, Atlanta, GA, USA. $4.95 for the 500 mL bottle. One of the best English brewers in days gone by, I'm about to catch up with one of their newer products. Tall and slim bottle, heavy brown glass with an elaborate tree motif embossed toward the bottom of the botlle. Very nice presentation. Pours very much like a Brown Ale. Disappointing lack of head, retention and lace UNLESS the pour is aggressive. When the pour is more...