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Heineken Nederland B.V.

Heineken Premium Light Lager

Quite what the point of this is (at least from a beer point of view) is utterly lost on me. Obviously purely a marketing ploy. All in all, very much like Heineken except watered down. Extremely thin in the mouth and taste but still manages to stamp the trademark "skunk" smell and taste. I have come to the conclusion that this is not really skunk as such, despite all the paranoia about green bottles etc., it's simply the way Heineken tastes and smells - Skunky! On the grand scale, relatively...

Heineken Lager Beer

I've drunk this stuff off and on for the best part of 25 years and frankly I'm very confused with its success and general popularity. I'm not sure, but I believe the general ignorance of the American beer drinking public allows this to be sold, priced and marketed as some kind of "premium" lager in the US. In England, this stuff is bog standard crappy lager. In its defense, I truly believe that it tastes different on the continent, with a more flavorful experience being the norm. This stuff...