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Notes on beers brewed by

Heavyweight Brewing Co.


Golden, honey orange pour with excellent fine carbonation that leads to a thin filmed head and some lacing. Poured into the Val-Dieu chalice, this looks very good. Sweet tastes, sugary but finishes short and dry with a little bit of bitterness. Some yeasty flavors. Some alcohol in the finish. Not a bad interpretation of a Belgian Pale. It lacks a bit of body and depth, but I enjoyed it.

Perkuno’s Hammer Imperial Porter

Lovely. Solid Porter with alcohol, smoothness and associated drinkability to back up its impressive resume. I love a good Porter and this is another one. Still can't top my personal St. Peter's favorite, but a great experience nevertheless. The usual opaque, black pour with some deep crimson highlights (perhaps that was just the lighting rather than the beer, but it looked good nonetheless). Plenty of creaminess (a trait I look for in a Porter) and smoothness in the brew that makes it highly...

Old Salty Barleywine 2004

Pours with little or no carbonation to give a brown sugar colored beer with some minor lacing around the edges of the head. The aroma is all sweetness and sugar and so are the initial tastes. A very, very sweet combination of flavors hit, and the Golden Syrup that is mentioned on the label is very evident all the way through. When I drank this I was craving something sweet and I was not disappointed. This was a massively sugared brew, but not so much as to make it unpleasant nor undrinkable....