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500 mL bottle, $7.99 from Green's on Ponce, Atlanta, GA, USA. Batch NR 98. Oct 07, Oct 10. Worry lack of "pop" on opening and this lack of carbonation is overwhelming experience. It is so severe I am wondering if this is a problem with the bottle or the batch. Anyway, there's obviously no way of knowing. Lack of carbonation means little head and no lace. Dark coke-like pour which is largely lifeless. Nose is very nice with some very rich, light alcohol, sherry filled character. it promises...


Slightly confusing since this has a label that is different to the one in the BA database and has the words "Norse Porter" in addition to an ABV of 6.5% as opposed to 6.0%. For now, this review will sit here. $8.99 for the 16.9 floz bottle from Arbor Place Beverage, Douglasville, GA, USA. Pours HUGE at first giving a mountainous espresso like, fine bubbled head. This recedes quickly to leave (disappointingly) no lace. Nice fine and small mocha head sits atop the jet black, Guinness like body....

Norwegian Wood

$5.99 500 mL bottle, Green's, Atlanta, GA, USA. Big 'ole malty noisy pour and look. Good head but a surprisigly lack of lace. Rich, thick mouthfeel. Creamy. The smoke comes through strong, and frankly this is NOT my favorite feature of a beer (even though this is at least part of the point here). Drinkability suffers for me. Smoke overwhelms this a bit for me and there is a lack of subtlety.

Dark Force

Green's, Ponce, Atlatna, GA, USA. Batch #74, bottled May '07, Best Before May '11. Poured into the Urthel stemmed goblet in small portions, this is black pour but does have a few dark brown notes too. Mocha head with a coffee feel. Head is spotty but lace is fairly scant. Chocolate malts and dark chocolate bitterness are the keys here - not much else. The wheat doesn't make much of an appearance for me, except perhaps in the mouthfeel which is very light for this type of beer. As a RIS this is...