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Green's Gluten Free Beers

Green’s Endeavour

Older bottle (Best before 16/09/09). Interesting (again) in the non-beer/beer category. Pour is a lively, fairly well carbonated affair that yields a Dubbel-like, murky brown body and a little, thin foam that hangs around. It even produces a small amount of lace - no mean feat. Nose is VERY good with a strong sherry like, alcohol smell that is very enticing and promises much. The beer delivers some of the characteristics that the nose does, but they are somewhat muted. Some light fruit,...

Green’s Discovery

Thanks go out to Silentsabre for the chance to try this one. 500 mL bottle, different to the picture in the BA db (maybe that is an English version and this is the American version?). Product of Belgium? An English Strong Ale? No Barley? I wonder... Cloudy amber pour with a small amount of carbonation. Head is frothy and light but has a nice formation. Broken lace forms on the glass. Aroma is dent with a touch of alcohol and some malty fruit. Tastes a bit wine like. Alcohol seems MUCH higher...