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Good Word Brewing & Public House


All prerequisites fulfilled in the style, so perfect in that regard. Light, butterscotch, orangey gold colored body with a big pillow-like head. Looks resplendent in the Tücher half-liter glass. Nose offers everything that you'd want and expect. Light floral banana mostly. Tastes give high levels of bubblegum and mixed phenols, BUT it's not as sweet as some Hefeweizen's. A little less sugary, and more clove spice than might be found in some. That's to my liking, and (slightly) sets it apart...

Past Is Prologue

16 oz can courtesy of Todd - thanks man! Beautiful, simple, amber pour with a little chill haze. Head is perfect. Some minor lace. The head fades quite quickly. Drinks like a classy, full-flavored, beautifully sweet and balanced Vienna Lager. I’m biased, I love a great Vienna, and no matter how this is formally catergorialzed, that’s exactly what it drinks like. Lightly nutty, soft biscuit malts, mild caramel, rounded and delicious. American Ambers or Reds are going to have drier finishes, and...

Haná Valley Pale Lager

Light haze on the lemon colored body. Chunky white head, great lace. Sticky. Nose offers light hops, some bread notes. There’s a TON of flavor packed into this beer. I don’t know if you want to call this a Czech Pilsner or not, but there are a massive number of clean, Noble hops as the base of the beer. It doesn’t have to be crisp to be clean. The bread malts balance the very strong, assertive hops. It’s a minor miracle that beers like this aren’t made more in the USA because they would surely...