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Notes on beers brewed by

George Gale & Company Ltd

Gale’s Prize Old Ale

2002 Vintage. Beautiful, deep, alcoholic, fruity Port based aroma that promises a great deal. The appearance and the taste slightly fail to reach those expectations, but because the smell is so spectacular that wasn't really that suprising or that disappointing. The color is that of a classic English bitter - a cloudy, orange brown body with a nice, tight head but very little lacing. The aroma suggests a darker body, but this still looks pretty good. The taste initially does reflect the Port...

Gale’s Festival Mild

I always think of British Milds as being like Porters without the taste or the creaminess. I rarely expect much from Milds, but was pleasantly surprised by this being as drinkable as it was. A nice blackish color with a large, fast receeding head. It was a little too carbonated for my liking but that seemed to fade fast. A nice level of bitterness, but generally unremarkable. Slightly above average on my scale.