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Five Seasons Westside

Big Matt’s ESB

On-tap. Slightly chill-hazed pour with a traditional, light, bubbly head that although not dense, still provides some very nice, sticky lace. Has a cask appearance in terms of the head. Served WAY too cold for my liking, even without the traditional, American frozen glassware! Let it warm a little. Body is a brownish hue which is not epecially attractive but I guess I'm being a bit hard here. Lacks the classic, deep garnet color that I would really love for the style, but I can live with that....

Dark White

Extremly odd beer for me. Pour is a turbid brown with very good head, lace and retention. The head was really thick and pleasing almost like the "scum" that one gets on top of a fermentation tank. The color is less appealing, but that's just a function of the beer and my persoanl dislike of that muddy brown, Dubbel-like appearance. Nose and tastes are very bready at first with a yeasty, spice, citrusy note that sits very oddly when you are looking at the beer. It's a case where the tastes tend...