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Federal Jack's Brewpub

Kennebunkport Pumpkin Ale

12oz single from Trader Joe's in Atlanta, GA, USA. $1.00. Best before April '09 notched on the label. I have lots of success with cheap singles from TJ's in the past, so I am usually happy to throw out a buck in the hope of finding an interesting shot. Pale orange macro like pour with an alarming lack of carbonation, head and lace. Decent depth of color, but looks dead. Nose is suprisingly bland and only has a hint of something "pumpkiny" or "spicy". VERY little there. Tastes have a nasty...

Blueberry Wheat Ale

$1.00 for a 12oz single from Trader Joes, Sandy Spring, Atlanta, GA, USA. Best Before May 2009, screw top. ===***=== BA mmmbeer makes the following useful notes in his review of this beer; "It says Kennebunkport Brewing Co., yet the beer (as per the label) is brewed by Pugsley Brewing LLC. It's tagged here as being from Federal Jack's and it is distributed through Trader Joe's." ===***=== Poured into the Sweetwater Pils glass. Nice clarity and good carbonation. Golden yellow. Nice appearance....