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Notes on beers brewed by

Erie Brewing Co.

Presque Isle Pilsner

12 oz single thanks go out to Kevin for the chance to try this one. Extremely pale color on the pour with a touch of haziness about it - not good for a Pils. Carbonation seems low for the style too. Weak vegetal notes, some dubious notes int eh nose and some funny dry bitterness in the finish. Not a clean beer and it lacks all kinds of attributes that a solid Pils should have. Perhaps better fresher and closer tot he source, but I'm not convinced of that and I'm not holding my breath.

Golden Fleece Maibock

I love a good bock and was delighted to get this as part of my Easter Bunny package from PittBeerGirl - thanks! 12 oz single. Pretty much a quintessential American example of the style for me. Nice golden color with a decent head and some good retention and lace. In addition we get a nice golden color (important for the style), and a decent alcohol warmth that does not get in the way of drinkability. Now of course, the beer does creep up on you come the end of the bottle so the alcohol is...