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East End Brewing Company


Additional notes 07/31/22 A can, yes a can! Pictured. What has the world come to? All the romance of the paper-wrapped, and waxed original bottle is lost. Not sure what vintage this is, and even if the colored vintages still exist. Out of the can this is a thoroughly stunning looking beer, with some of the most amazing color of any beer, ever. However it remains staggeringly sweet to the point of distraction. Not an easy beer, and more than about 12 oz per year is going to be hard no matter...

Wooden Nickel 5th Anniversary Saison

1.0 L swing-top bottle. Thanks to PittBeerGirl for the chance to try this one. Impressive presentation. Pour yields a hazed orange body with wispy head. Darker than expected. Retention and lace are not huge, but are sufficient. Nose has an acidic, citrus twang with a touch of mild funk and an organic feel. Light carbonation dances on the tongue to give a lively presence. Acidity is quite large but in keeping with the style. A bright, lemon and soap taste combines to give a heavier feel than...