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Notes on beers brewed by

Dogwood Brewing Company

Dogwood Bock

Didn't really care for this much at all. Organic smell (grass, hay, outdoors type whiff) with some alcohol. A somewhat acidic experience was the overall feeling. Some maltiness too, but a dry, sour, alcohol taste was left behind after drinking. Poured dirty brown with a somewhat drab appearance and a head that disappeared almost immediately. Might give this another chance, but for now I'm done.

Youngblood’s Imperial Porter

Pours absolutely jet black with a dark tan, small head that disappears quickly. Gentle aggitation reproduces the head with some effervesence just like a coke. In fact the whole appearance is *exactly* like a coke! All the characteristics of a fine Porter, with some extra coffee/chocolate bitterness thrown in at the end for good measure. I prefer a little smoother edge to my Porters, but I think my taste is a little unfaithful to the style and this beer is much closer to where they generally...

Breakdown IPA

Very hoppy notes in the aroma and in the taste upfront, with a serious citrus backbone too. A very cloudy appearance (like iced-tea) with very little head, but some good looking spotty lacing as you go down the glass. The ending to this beer really is very bitter and I feel a little unbalanced. I don't mind the hops, but the bitterness is really quite sharp and tangy - and not in a pleasant way. Pretty characterful beer and one that I would choose above any macro almost any day, but not too...

Dogwood Winter Ale (2003)

Coffee, coffee, coffee - that is the overwhelming experience that I got from this brew. In fact very heavily sugared coffee. It poured a very dark, chocolate brown color with an initial sweet coffee taste. The mouthfeel is very smooth, almost syrup-like. It poured with a very light, small tan head that faded quickly.I don't think I could drink a huge amount of this stuff, but certainly an interesting, local aside.

Dogwood Pale Ale

Well, I really, really enjoyed this. It surprised me. A cloudy orange/copper appearance with a good head that faded quickly. Just the right amount of carbonation for me (very little). Very clean bitterness with almost no chemical aftertaste like so many American beers. All in all very enjoyable - a nice drink. Would reccomend it to bitter drinkers and real beer lovers as a decent, substitute for the real stuff. The fact that it looks like real beer as opposed to urine helps, and has flavor and...