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Notes on beers brewed by

Dixie Brewing Co.

Dixie Crimson Voodoo Ale

$1.49 per bottle as part of mixed Six-pack, World Market, Marietta, GA. Not bad. Pretty average, wouldn't get too excited about it considering the cost. Reminded me a lot of Sam Adams. Poured a dark copper color with some head that faded fast. A little lacing. I think I was drinking this brew too cold. The coldness gave it a sharp bubbly feel that I did not enjoy. Once it had warmed up a little it got better. Nice balance of malt and hops. OK.

Dixie Blackened Voodoo Lager

$1.49 per bottle as part of mixed Six-Pack, World Market, Marietta, GA, USA. Unfortunately the initial experience of this beer was the aroma that was unpleasant! A real stinky, vomit type smell! You know the one, that horrendous Hersey's experience. Once I'd got over that it was really quite good. A dark pour with an attractive tan head that fades fast. I wasn't expecting such a dark color, and it's funny how the US, macro adjunct experience hascolored my thouhgts on the word lager, almost...