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Notes on beers brewed by

Dinkelacker-Schwabenbraeu AG

Dinkel Acker Dark

Clear dark brown pour with a frothy, "gone all too quickly", head. Very little aroma but that may be related to this serving temperature. This has a low malt profile and a distinct lack of any hop character. If you put this together with the all too familiar frozen cold serving you have a pretty bland beer. However, on warming a little some creaminess, sweetness and more malts come through. Mouthfeel and body above average, but not great. Pretty drinkable if somewhat unspectacular, another...

Dinkel Acker Cd-Pils

Solid Pilsener - not my favorite, but a good example. The simple, pale yellow relatively unattractive typical pour, with an initially lively head that's gone in seconds. Little or no lacing. Typical crisp, dry hop bitterness of the style, with grain and alcohol in the nose. A little fuller in the mouth than I was expecting too. Decent refreshing snap - must be super cold for full effect.