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De Proefbrouwerij (bvba Andelot)
Flanders Fred


Always glad to see another De Proef collaboration, this one being the sixth in the series. Some have been great, some less so, but it's usually pretty interesting - turns out this is no exception. This beer is a result of Alan Sprints from Hair of the Dog fame and Dirk Naudts at De Proef coming together. The beer is commercially described as a, 'blend of a Flanders-sourced Lambic with a collaboratively brewed version of the famous Hair of the Dog Fred'. Bottle-conditioned, brewed March 2012....

De Proef Brouwerij Broederlijke Liefde Saison Ale

De Proef Brouwerij
Broederlijke Liefde Saison Ale

Another bottle purchased 04/10/24 Belmont Party Supply, Dayton, OH $9.59 Original notes 08/28/11 750mL, (plastic, meh) corked & caged bottle in the usual Brewmaster's Collaboration Series presentation. This one comes with the added moniker on the label of being associated with Philly BEER Week. This is the fifth in the collaboration series. Pour is a bright orange with some cloudiness. The head is small but nevertheless fairly well formed and the retention is absolutely tremendous. The...

Monstre Rouge

Monstre Rouge

*SHRUG* I have literally no idea what is going on here. If the attempt was to make a Flanders Red then this is a complete failure. If they wanted to produce a slightly watered down version of a DIPA, then success! $14.99 (at least), in some locations even more expensive, for the 750 mL (plastic) corked and caged bottle. Cork is very difficult to remove. Beer pours an ugly, murky brown that looks like tea. Head is initially good, but fades very quickly to give a thin white film on the top of...

Monstre Rouge

De Proef Signature Les Deux Brasseurs Ale (w/Jason Perkins)

I've been eyeing this for months and finally pulled the trigger on the $13.99 corked and caged bottle from Green's on Buford, Atlanta, GA, USA. Pours offers a cloudy, slightly watery looking light orange body and a decent rocky head. Some lacing but not the best I've seen. Appearance no the very best and I suspect that the beer will taste much better than it looks. Nose has light acidity but seems quite sweet. The tastes reflect this. There's a lot of fruity sweetness that comes with the mild...

Monstre Rouge

Witte Noire

750 mL, corked & caged bottle from Hop City, Atlanta, GA, USA. Pour is close to black with a nicely formed, solid looking head. Nose gives some significant fruit notes which are much deeper than a traditional Wit. Plenty of continued fruit in the nose and more than a touch of alcohol too. Nice bubble gum and spiced, sweet Belgian candy too. Esters present. Creamy mouthfeel (obviously from the wheat).

Monstre Rouge

Van Twee (w/ John Mallett)

750 mL corked & caged bottle, plastic cork (I hate those), $13.99 from Hop City, Atlanta, GA, USA. BA pghlee at The Brick Store gave me a sneak taste of this a couple of weeks ago, now I get a chance to have a proper crack at it. Pour is almost black with about 3/4 of an inch of frothy, light head. Mocha colored. On the pour at least the beer seems quite carbonated and fizzy. Things settle down to give some nice lace and a classic, spotty, creamy surface on the beer. Nose gives the lightly,...

Monstre Rouge

Reinaert Flemish Wild Ale

$7.99 for Mac's Midtown, Atlanta, GA, USA. Corked & Caged 750 mL. Pour is a bright orange in the Terrpain 22oz snifter. Large initial head with some nice retention across the body and a little lace. Carbonation is high. Not sure if this should be categorized as a simple Belgian Pale, but I am not as preturbed as I sometimes am with style considerations and the BA database, since this has "Flemish", "Brettanomyces", "Saccharomyces" and "Wild Ale" on the label. That means that I am NOT surprised...

Monstre Rouge

La Grande Blanche

Wits used to be one of my favorite styles, but of late I've been enjoying them less so I was pleased when this one was better than expected. On-tap at The Brick Store, Decatur, GA, USA. Classic, lemon yellow, hazed pour with an attractive, dense looking head and some superb lace. The mouthfeel seemed to add an extra dimension compared to many examples of the style. A bit fuller than usual. All the classic Wit notes with an extra dimension of mild tart apples. The extra "funk" associated with...

Monstre Rouge

Saison Imperiale – Belgian Farmhouse Ale

$8.99 from Green's on Ponce, Atlanta, GA, USA for the 750 mL corked & caged bottle. Synthetic cork which I am simply not a big fan of - takes away the authenticity a little for me. Opens with an encouraging pop. Poured into the Duvel tulip, this is much darker than I was expecting. Nice, dark metallic copper hue with a great head and nice lace. Head is well maintained, and is creamy/dreamy - thick. Unusual color for the style. Nose has light citrus funk, against some more aggreesive vinegar...

Monstre Rouge

De Proef Reserve Signature Ale (w/ Tomme Arthur)

On-tap at The Brick Store, Decatur, GA, USA. WOW - classy! Mid-orange pour with a super high, dense, bone-white head. Nose has a mild grapefruit which is reflected in the taste. It is isn't until the ending that you get the Brett/Funk/Saison/Farmhouse notes. All melds together to give a deep, satisfying experience in the glass. Some bitterness in the finish but it comes together beautifully to give a memorable beer. Smooth on the palate, I would characterize this in the mould of a Belgian IPA,...