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Daleside Brewery

Old Leg Over

Presented in a 500 mL brown bottle (that will please some, but matters little to me) with a slightly updated label compared to the BA database picture. Lots of information on the label too. Lovely clear mid-amber pour with a nice head and some lovely lacing. This is a mild beer in all respects, and will probably be horribly under appreciated in the US. Well, this is a typical English Pale Ale with plenty of lovely soft biscuit malts, delicate mouthfeel and excellent drinkability. With an ABV...

Ripon Jewel Ale

Typical and delicious. Amber orange pour with an initially large head, but this fades quickly. Some spotty head is left behind with a little lacing, but not much. Aroma and tastes are exactly as expected. All sweet, biscuity malts with the only hint of hop character being in the short finish. Rounded and balanced and super smooth. Now pacakaged in a brown 500 mL bottle rather than the clear one pictured. Amazingly smooth and highly drinkable. Maybe a little too much alcohol to be considered...