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Notes on beers brewed by

Cropton Brewery

Rudolph’s Revenge Winter Ale (6%)

500 mL bottle, different (updated?) label to the BA database. Very simple, subtle, malty classic English ESB style (not Winter Warmer IMO) bitter. Lots of biscuit malts (Digestive and caramel) with a smattering of hop character over the top. Mildly fruity in the nose and the taste, this beer shows class in depth and its drinkability is off the chart for me. Crystal clear, tawny brown pour with a ovely head and plenty of very sticky lace. Sweet nose, this beer drinks well below 6% and seesm to...

Cropton’s Calamity Ale / Uncle Sam’s Bitter

Toffee and butterscotch body is topped with a huge head and some cloudiness in the bulk of the beer. The carbonation is massive in the bottle and gets just a little annoying on the pour. Malty alcohol is a wonderful treat for the nose and this is the best part of the brew. This is followed up by the mixed fruit alcohol and then some really quite bitter hops in the finish. Actually quite metallic. Strangely pitched against the metallic hops is a cloying sweetness - a very odd combo! This seems...