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Notes on beers brewed by

Cotleigh Brewery

Golden Seahawk

Another classic English bitter if not quite a classic in its own right. Cask offering at The Well House, Cathedral Yard, Exeter, Devon, England. Summer 2007 from notes. This was offered at the end of the Real Ale Festival at the pub the week before. Very Pale, golden color almost yellow. Subtle flavors with honey sweet notes and a typical biscuit malt and Goldings combination (not sure if Goldings are used in this but it seems that way to me). Light, bitter aftertaste and finish. Slight...

Cotleigh 25

Sampled at The Well House, Exeter, Devon, England. Summer 2007, reviewed from notes. Advertised in the pub as the 25th Anniversary brew. Typical light amber pour with a hint of cloudy chill-haze in the appearance. Light and sparkling with a generous combination of bright malts, refreshing orange zestiness in the hops, and a decent caramel finish. Light drinking, good summer stuff. Exceptionally tasty, this beer reminds me of a summer shandy. Delicious.