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Clown Shoes

Brown Angel

Massive thanks go out to Gregg for the opportunity to try this. Delighted to have the chance, and also humbled by his generosity. 22 oz bottle - silly label that does no favors for craft beer. (I agree with the Bros. comments in the mag about this). Pour is an attractive, deep chestnut brown with some red highlights. Head is a mocha color with some decent retention and a little wispy lace. Nose has the expected (but unwanted), fresh green hop note. Not much to say other than I don't want it,...

Hoppy Feet (Black I.P.A.)

OK, big props to Gregg for taking the time and the trouble to hook me up. I truly appreciate the gesture. Firstly, the style or name "Black IPA" is ludicrous and I am glad that American Brewers Association agrees with me and calls this type of beer, "American-Style India Black Ale"! Anyway, back to this particular ASIBA! Pour is a dark, dark chestnut (bordering on black) brown body with a lovely, creamy, thick mocha head. A few orange/red highlights at the extremities which are enhanced by the...