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Notes on beers brewed by

Church Brew Works

Pipe Organ Pale Ale

12 oz bottle as part of my Secret Bunny package from PittBeerGirl - thanks Sara. Pour gives are very surprisingly dark, copper pour with a really poor head and no lace or retention. Nose seems somewhat neutral but certainly no offensive. Light sweetness. This is a bit of an odd beer. The beer is a very neutral, frankly fairly tasteless affair and very bland. However, the finish and aftertaste is EXTRAORDINARILY bitter and metallic, in a nasty lingering way too. Very unpleasant. Not good and...

Quadzilla (Cherry Quad)

Many thanks to PittBeerGirl for the chance to try this one as part of Secret Bunny 2010 - thanks Sara. 750 mL capped bottle with white foil on the neck, not gold as in the BA db picture. Pour is a surprisingly light, cloudy, orange color that is reminiscent of tea. I was expecting a dark, black cheery color which would fit with the advertised fruit and the quad categorization. Not much head and little or no retention. Nose gives some fruity notes, but they are not strong and definitely not...