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Notes on beers brewed by

Charleston Brewing Company

Halfmoon Hefe Weizen

Standard clouded lemon colored body with a small head and a little lacing. Muted banana and clove aroma that is rather unusually NOT translated to the taste. Light lemon taste with an absence of clove and banana on the tongue. Really quite acidic but at the same time it maintains its drinkability. The lemon makes it refreshing, and I was rather surprised at how much I enjoyed the citrus feel. The aroma is typically Hefe, but the tastes are not. An interesting departure.

East Bay IPA

Quite surprised by the large hop aroma that jumps out of the bottle at me. Nice looking mid-orange body with a small head but it leaves some pretty decent lacing. As it sits the aroma rather oddly fades a little. Nice clarity in the body and some very mild but persistent carbonation in the form of small bubbles rising gently. Taste is very hoppy, but it is dry and bitter. Taste lacks balance, but to be honest this is much more typical of the aggressive American IPA's. Long and lingering...

Lagerhead Lager

Contract brewed by Fredrick Brewing in MD according to 1516 purity law. Dark yellow pour with some lacing and a little head. Quite assertive in both the malt and hop department. Nose shows a good balance with the emphasis on malt, but some bitter promise too. Dry hops nicely supported by the stong malts. Dry finish but rounded, satisfying and refreshing. When I am in the Charleston and Hilton Head areas this is one of the brews I drink.