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Notes on beers brewed by

Ceylon / Lion Brewery Limited

Lion Stout

330mL bottle, $1.99 as a single at Michael's Atlanta, GA, USA. Poured into the Brasserie des Rocs chalice, it forms a one inch head before receding to leave an espresso film and some very nice, very fine lacing. Black opaque. Big chocolate nose. Very mild tastes, not at all bitter. Large, creamy mouthfeel with the dominant taste being a very mild licorice. This imparts a dry finish. Very nice, a small tasting stout considering the 8.00% ABV, and the alcohol is well hidden....

Lion Lager

Drinkable, but instantly forgetable. Nothing to report here except a very, very light, sweet (malty) lager with no head or lacing to speak of that could be any one of one thousand other beers. Nothing to bring me back for any reason. Taco Mac in Douglasville, GA charged me $5.95 for the privelage! Daylight robbery.