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Notes on beers brewed by

Carolina Brewery

Funky Monk Ale (8.5%)

To me, definitely a very good impersonation of an Abbey Dubbel. Served in the "Cognac" snifter glass, there is a classic dirty brown body with a small head that disappears fast. Good fruit, with a classic Belgian yeasty finish, this beer really feels like an authentic brew. Body is substantial. Aroma is mildly fruity, and not as developed as the fruit in the taste. Alcohol is prominent in the finish.

Flagship IPA

Classic orange color, but lacking in body. Pretty good lacing with lots of soapy character. Floral and oily hops make up the nose and the taste but the aroma lacks depth. A real light drinker, which is OK, but if you like some decent body and depth in your IPA you will probably be disappointed.

Old North State Stout

Delicious example of the American stout. Plenty of dark coffee bitterness is the initial experience followed by some creaminess. Nose is hoppy, dark and nutty against the backdrop of the truly black coloration. Some extensive lacing too makes for an attractive looking pint. I'd highly recommend this to both the malt and hop lovers out there since it's one of those beers that manages to pull off the delicate balance between the two tastes very well. Well worth trying.

Downtown Trolley Brown

Extremely ordinary, and I suspect a long way away from the Carolina Brewery's best offering. Standard color, but seemingly flat appearance with little or no head or lacing. Ordinary maltiness up front, but very vanilla in every respect. Some hop in the finish, but a disappointing effort all around. Perhaps this varies from batch to batch but I was somewhat let down. Lots of better offerings avaialable here - choose one!