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Carolina Beer Company

Cottonwood Endo India Pale Ale

Purchased as a 12oz single from Total Wine on a recent visit to Charlotte, NC, USA. Darker pour than I was expecting for the style with a nice, creamy looking head and some minimal lace. Body is a little murky for my liking, lacking clarity. Mild carbonation. Soapy element to the nose. Mild caramel backbone with some grassy, organic like hops also detectable. A little bitterness in the finish, but not a great deal. Smooth in the mouth, possibly the best feature of this beer. Some lingering...

Cottonwood Low Down Brown Ale

Dark conker (horse chestnut) brown with an espresso type film and some meagre lacing. Fine streaming bubbles make up the carbonation. Aroma is malty and nutty. Tastes are in the dry category with an emphasis on cooking chocolate bitterness. As it warms increasing nut flavors come through to accent the malt. Mouthfeel perhaps a tad thin and I'd like a little more sweetness, but it's nothing to get too distressed over. No the best Brown Ale, but a decent enough attempt and I would certainly...

Cottonwood Frostbite

Definite, dark coffee undertones make this beer a real winter warmer. Quite heavy in terms of hops and bitterness, most certainly not a light beer in any way shape or form. Really dense, black body and a lively tan head make it look like it tastes. Aromas are a little smoky. Good coating in the mouth, this is a full bodied beer. Lots of bitter coffee present and not much else. Whatever alcohol is in there is masked and the malt body is not present to any degree. Definitely best consumed on...

Charleston Brown Ale

Chestnut brown highlights on the pour, but overall darker than I expected, when it was sitting in the glass it looked exactly like a Coke! Some sweetness in the aroma, a hint of chocolate too, but very subdued. Light on taste and quite thin in the mouth, this was not as chewy as I was expecting. I expect a little more body in my brown ales, but the upside was that I found it really quite refreshing. Not bad at all, nothing to write home about, but I'd certainly drink it again.