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Carlsberg Danmark A/S

Jacobsen Saaz Blonde

Odd shaped 750 mL bottle. More marketing claptrap. $6.99, Jax, Sandy Springs, Atlanta, GA, USA. Tea colored pour with a nice head, but this fades very quickly to not much. No lace of any description. Good clarity. I would describe this a combination of a Belgian Pale (some yeasty, spice and candied sugar characteristics) and a malt liquor (it has a oily consistency and is still very sweet with alcohol prominent). A little hop bite in the finish, but not much. This was OK, but not as good as...

Jacobsen Dark Lager

With the Carlsberg label I was very sceptical, but like always I'll try anything at least once, and in this case I was glad it did. Odd shaped, 750 mL capped bottle as the marketing war goes on! J106199 dot matrixed on the back of the bottle. A little thin looking and the initial head is not long lasting, but there is a decent brown color. VERY malty all around. Less of a Dunkel and more Brown Ale characteristics in my book. Enjoyable an drinkable. Better than I expected.

Carlsberg Beer

Slender 12oz bottle, bought as a single from World Market as a mixed sixer, Atlanta, GA, USA. Pour is very promising. Obviously the golden yellow color, but the head is impressive and lasting and the lacing is sticky and very attractive. However, that's where the attraction stops. Amazing skunk of really, really sweet fructose corn and a taste to match. Very sickly sweet taste, and after 4 oz or so this went down the drain (a very, very, very rare event for me). Pilsener? Well, I get no dry,...

Elephant Beer

I have a soft spot for Elephant since nearly twenty years ago I used to think of this as something special. As a poor student who knew better, but would often have to drink low quality macro's at 4-5% ABV, the opportunity to quaff something nearly twice the ABV was always an enjoyable one. Also enjoyed rinking Giraffe at the time too! I seem to remember an earlier incarnation of this beer being sold in England in the late '80's as being higher than the now advertised 7.2 ABV. Anyone know?...