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Capital Brewery

Supper Club Lager

12 oz metallic looking can. Thanks go out to Kevin for the chance to have a crack at this one. Any wispy head that was there on the initial pour dies really quickly above a fizzy looking, golden colored body. Pretty poor looking. No apparent nose, even on warming. Tastes are the usual combo of vegetal sweetness, high carbonation and a malty blandness that is distinctive only in relation to its non-descript nature. Not really much here that is too offensive, however it really only says macro...

Autumnal Fire

From BigLove as part of BMB 48 BIF. Mid-copper pour with a lighter color than I would expect for a DB. Prettylow carbonation. Samll head and only a tiny amount of lace and film on the surface. Nice, sweet alcohol malt nose that carries through to the taste. A bit of a peppery alcohol burn in the finish. A little too bitter in the finish for me for the DB style, but nevertheless a nice beer. Enjoyable.