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Caledonian Brewery
Newcastle Winter IPA

Winter IPA

Mid-amber pour with pretty good clarity. Smallish white head without much retention or lace. Nose gives a simple, toasty malt base and a few hoppy overtones. The tastes follow suit with a solid, caramel malt base and some pretty light hop tones. This beer may confuse American drinkers because they may be looking for a typically aggressively hopped IPA. This is clearly NOT that. The beer actually reminds me a lot of an old style, British, 1970's 'light ale'. It has a very refreshing,...

Golden Promise Organic Ale

Golden Promise Organic Ale

Pretty unusual find this one, I got it in TN and I'd never seen it in GA before. Bar staff were also confused by it so I'm guessing this was a recent addition to the line-up. Elaborate label, different to the one in the database picture and lots of crappy , advertising guf about its organic greatness!? Pours a very attractive golden color - so far so good in relation to the name - but gave a pretty small head that I only managaed to invigorate by constantly topping up from the bottle into my...