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Burton Bridge Brewery

Olde Expensive Ale

500 mL bottle, $4.95 Green's, Buford, Atlanta, GA, USA. Bottle is different to the style shown in the BA database - no foil. Surprised at the light, butterscotch color of the pour with some serious murkiness - also highly carbonated. Aroma starts drifting across the room from the Koningshoeven small goblet. Has some sour and faintly funky notes - again, not really what was I expecting for an Old Ale. As far as the taste goes, AGAIN not at all what I was expecting for the style. A serious...

Burton Bridge Empire India Pale Ale

This had it all for me. Tasty, fruity and alcoholic, a hop edge and a malt backbone. One of the most complicated, and complex beers that I have drunk in a long time. Orange body with a big frothy head with nice retention and some lacing. It stimulates the taste buds from all angles. There is a very unexpected fruit backbone that compliments the sweet malts and the surprisingly hoppy ending character too. A long, long finish that takes you through the sense spectrum, and a decent alcohol kick...