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Buffalo Bill's Brewery

Buffalo Bill’s Pumpkin Ale

12oz stubbie single from Total Wine, Kennesaw, GA, USA. Oh dear, from the get go things are NOT good here. It pours like soda. A very fizzy pour with a "head" that disappears almost instantly and dies to leave a cloudy, orange body. No body. Taste is nasty. Earthy, very earthy and something like a clove infused tea. The pumpkin isn't there for me, but it seems to have been replaced by an all-spice soda. Mouthfeel is weird - fizzy and light, like a diet soda. High carbonation but it's way too...

Orange Blossom Cream Ale

Wow! I was waiting to be disappointed by this, but what a shock, I really enjoyed it! Not being a big fan of fruit beers in general, I was expecting something quite different. Instead I got a crystal clear, lucozade colored, orange nosed, refreshing experience. Aroma is all orange with a large frothy head that disappears quickly but offers good lacing. It goes down very quickly which was probably a combination of the hot weather and it's very light body. Normally a beer this light in body...