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Notes on beers brewed by

Brouwerij Van Eecke N.V.

Poperings Hommel Bier

Slender 330 mL bottle, Greens, Ponce De Leon, Atlanta, GA, USA. Poured into the Duvel tulip, this creates an enormous, fluffy head with plenty of lacing. A cloudy and hazy honey color, this looks like a classic and typical Belgian Pale. Good looker. Corriander spice notes in the nose. Taste is pronounced peppery and dry, with a hop finish that is very surprising for the style. Like De Ranke XX and Houblon Chouffe, this is a hoppy Belgian that lacks much rich, fruit flavor, but has the mild...

Het Kapittel Blond

Pale orange body, a slightly yellowish tinge, with some decent carbonation and a rocky head, that is nice, but short lived. Aroma is subdued, but has a little Belgian yeast smell. Not much else. Slightly syrupy mouthfeel but drinkable. A low key sugar taste, almost like a diluted Tripel, but very little else. A pretty flat experience all around.

Het Kapittel Abt

Part of the Kapittel mixed 4-pack. Authentic, with all the classic Tripel characteristics. High alcohol, golden color, slightly viscous, sweet and Belgian yeast characteristics. Good frothy head with good retention and nice body. Fruits in the nose, simply a classic Tripel.

Het Kapittel Pater

In the Brasserie de l'Abbaye des Rocs goblet it sits as a murky orange with a decent head that hangs on with soem impressive retention. Lots of sweet fruits dominate, but there is a definite dry and bitter lingering finish. Alcohol is mild and the mouthfeel average. A little acidic too, but the Belgian character shines through in the yeast character. Pretty good example of the style, but I always feel that a Belgian Dark that doesn't carry a larger ABV can sometimes seems a little too...

Het Kapittel Prior

Part of the mixed, Kapittel four pack. Attractive pale blue cap on the 330 mL bottle. Muddy brown appearance with a very distinct Dubbel look. Head is a little too carbonated and thin for my liking, but it settles down to give a creamy and spotty film on the surface. Aroma is a little sweet malt and some fruitiness, but it's all pretty subdued. Tastes are round and fruity with a little Belgian dry character, but not what I would call complex by any stretch of the imagination. Short finish with...