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Brouwerij Liefmans


$6.99, Rollers, Hilton Head Island, SC, USA. 375 mL paper wrapped botlle, corked & caged. Brownish, tea like pour with a cloudy body and some chill haze. Some figs in the nose. Aroma is VERY tart and sour with raspberries, almost like a vinagrette. Taste is MUCH sweeter than the nose would suggest. Clean, balanced and a well defined sweet and sour sensation. Finish emphasizes the sweet and sour theme and gives a final burst of raspberry. Even for those that are not really keen on fruit beers,...


Notes added 09/18/2021 Last year I did manage to find a couple of bottles of 2011 Goudenband in Indianapolis (pictured in the body of this post), but these notes are on a bottle that I bought from Finest Belgian Beers and had shipped over. Blended in 2020. This is the beer pictured as the featured image on this page. Beautiful pour as ever, and the head looks tremendous. Thin, coffee film like lacing. Deliciously balanced across the board. Gentle sourness play with the complexity of the beer,...