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BridgePort Brewing Co. / Brewpub + Bakery

Old Knucklehead No.12 (Bourbon Barrel-Aged)

I've been waiting to try this one for a LONG time, and thanks to Tom (DrDogBeer) my 2009 Secret Santa I finally get the chance. Pour gives a lovely, deep garnet body and some head and lace that were better than I was expecting. It had some real depth in the visuals. A very surprising beer. I was waiting to be overrun with the Bourbon experience but the rush of alcohol and warming vanilla notes simply did not come. Some age on this beer may have altered it dramatically, and the beer was very...

Hop Czar

On tap at the newly re-named place that used to be The Grange and The Angel and is now called The Marlay House. Pour is a solid looking, strong orange body with a small amount of head but excellent, sticky lace. Nose and tastes reveal plenty of fresh, citrus hop character and not much else. Decent sweetness accompanies the hop-fix and malts hold it together nicely. A good example of how the hops can be amped up without causing a palate meltdown. As balanced as a DIPA can ever hope to beer, the...

Ebenezer Ale

This is a beer that I have been wanting to try for a number of years now, and although Bridgeport has been in GA for a number of years, this is the first year that this seasonal has made it here. 12oz bottle, Taco Mac, Marietta, GA, USA. Murky brown pour with a decent, high pitted head with good lace and retention. The color isn't inspiring but nevertheless it looks pretty good in the glass after an agressive pour. A malty brew, this reminds me much more of an English ESB and the moniker of...

Haymaker Extra Pale Ale

12oz single from Tower on Buford, Atlanta, GA, USA. Macro lager colored pour with a much better head retention and lace than the similar looking brew. Carbonation is not huge, but is persistent. A lot of malt character, quite sweet. Despite that it maintains its integrity. Tasty with a very low key, underlying hop character. Smooth, clean and refreshing. I enjoyed this. It's VERY simple, but tasty and a nice summer quencher.

Bridgeport ESB

Mid-amber pour with a lack of sustainable head and little lacing. Average example, with solid malt and some balance. Sweet biscuit aromas and tastes, and drinkable. Outside of that, not much to report here. Sessionable potential, but a distinct lack of depth for the style. I need a much more complex beer in this style and this is rather bland. Not bad, and better than some, but lacks punch and character. Enjoy the Bridgeport bottle presentations.

Black Strap Stout

Black pour with plenty of rum colored highlights. Nice persistent small head, with some creamy lacing. Massive aroma is apparent as soon as the bottle is opened and is really rather surprising and impressive. Rich, sweet chocolate aromas are the most impressive. Lots more creaminess than normal. Although this is thinner than a traditional stout in my view, it makes an absolutely delicious Porter! Nice alcohol presence too. Absolutely no bitterness at all. Finishes long and smooth.

Bridgeport IPA

I like the bottle - slightly different shape and nice, raised lettering with a neck label. Pale golden pour, with some chill haze, nice head and a better than average collection of lacing. Definite and pronounced grapefruit sharpness and bitter start, but it is very short. Finish is non-descript. Mouthfeel is average. Light citrus in the nose. A little metallic tang in the aftertaste. An American IPA that doesn't quite do it for me. A little ordinary - not bad, just ordinary.