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Notes on beers brewed by

Brauerei Beck & Co.

Beck’s Dark

Dark amber pour with a small amount of carbonation that rises slowly. Some sticky lacing, but not much head - some lingers. Solid malt backbone but this is limited by a thin body. Quite a metallic and bitter aftertaste that does round out a little in the finish but leaves a lasting, not great impression. OK in a squeeze, but lacks depth.


Drank loads of this as a student, not much in recent years, but it occasionally serves as a half decent standby in NCBOMA (no craft beer only macros available) situations. Appearance. Pretty good, nice clarity & color and good level of carbonation too. Unfortunately we lose the head quickly and little or no lacing develops. Decent refreshing palate and a passable hop twang in the short finish too. Lack of dryness helps the beer be drinkable. Aroma is slight skunk, but typical of a macro...

Beck’s Oktoberfest

Very, very solid example of the style, with good macro type availability and price; this beer is hard to beat from a value and fallback point of view. Drinks very smooth, with a degree of sweetness that I always associate with the style. It really is a question of hops and bitterness in the nose, followed by malts and smoothness in the mouth. Good, filling mouthfeel, nice carbonation and a sweet finish. Typically Marzen, with a refreshing drinkability to it. This is an excellent, (relatively)...