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Brasserie Val De Sambre
Abbaye D’aulne Winter Triple Ale

Abbaye D’aulne
Winter Triple Ale

I *think* this is the former Abbaye D'aulne, Christmas Triple Ale rebranded, but I'm not 100% sure. The pour is fine, but the initially nice head fades to not much. No significant lace, although the color is pretty. A clear, garnet hue with a real eye-catching red in the right light. Tripel? I dunno, more like a WW or BDSA. The beer is a little thin in terms of body, but there's a decent winter spice about it, and some bitter, drying fruitiness in the back end. A few contradictions in there!...

Abbaye D’Aulne Triple Brune 9°

Abbaye D’Aulne Triple Brune 9°

750 mL, corked & banded (as opposed to caged). Picked this up at Arbor Place in Douglasville, GA, USA. Date on the bottle is 03/10/07 which probably means October 2007, but either way this will not have suffered much. Anyway, when I pointed this out at the register it was given to me at 75 cents - RESULT! Very healthy pop on opening (good sign), and a good looking pour into the Duvel tulip. The body color is darker (and better looking) than a Dubbel and has a good head and some lace. Nose is a...

Abbaye D’Aulne Triple Brune 9°

Abbaye D’Aulne Triple Blonde 9°

750 mL corked and "braced" (as opposed to caged). No: 144302 on the cork. Best Before 03/10/07 which almost certainly means Oct 3 2007. Past that date, but I have no qualms about the ability of this beer to withstand that. Healthy pop on the release of the cork. Poured into the Abbaye des Rocs chalice it provides a simple, golden honey colored hazy body, a lively but light head, and some nice lace. Very light in the mouth and lacks much body. There is a white pepper note about the beer (in the...

Abbaye D’Aulne Triple Brune 9°

Heylissem Blonde

11.2 oz bottle, $3.99 at Merchant package store in Marietta, GA, USA. Poured into the Abbaye du Val-Dieu chalice/goblet. Very fizzy pour. Over carboated for the style. Lack of head and lace, although some remains on the surface of the macro, yellow/lager body. Appearance is disappointing considering the style and the cost. Aroma is a bit like an adjunct lager! Has a mild, Belgian yeast experience but not a lot. Not impressed. Taste has some sweetness and a little Belgian yeast, but this does...

Abbaye D’Aulne Triple Brune 9°

Heylissem Triple Brune

$8.99 for the 750 mL corked and caged bottle. Best Before 05/09. Macs, Downtown, Atlanta, GA, USA. Encouraging pop on opening. Poured into the Duvel tulip this forms a large, high head. This falls to give a classic, creamy and spotty film on the surface of the garnet colored body.A lot of sweet caramel in the nose. Plenty of caramel sweetness in the taste too, which increases with increasing temperature. Very mild spice in the finish. Warming alcohol too. A little tea in there as well. Maybe...