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Brasserie Du Bocq
Gauloise Christmas


Dark brown pour with some sumptuous, cherry red, garnet highlights. Head is decent, and fades to give nice, sticky lace and some thin, creamy foam on the surface of the beer. Looks good. Nose has some sweet raisins in the typical, BSDA tradition. It is sweet, and it offers very little in the way of spice. I really don't find this beer especially 'spiced', and certainly not compared to similar Christmas beers. In fact, there really isn't a huge amount of flavor beyond the sweetness here. It's a...

Triple Moine / Deugniet

Triple Moine / Deugniet

750 mL corked and banded, shared with clvand0 and BEERchictect at Pazzo's in Lexington, KY. Typically Belgian, but with one or two odd twists. Firstly the body was very clear - almost like a macro lager. It did come with a great, rocky and pillowed frothy head and some chill haze, AND all the other usual Belgian attributes were in place; plenty of fruit character, typical Belgian sugars and yeasts and lots of spice character. Just like BEERchitect suggested, I got some salty tastes as well....