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Notes on beers brewed by

Brasserie D'Ecaussinnes

Ultra Brune

11.2 oz stubbie bottle. The label has been modernized significantly since the one in the current BA database picture. Poured into the Brasserie de Abbaye des Rocs chalice, the body is dark and cloudy (Dubbel look) with a small head and little lace. Wonderful aroma breaks free from the bottle. Dark fruits, sweetness and yeast overtones envelop the beer and this is coupled with a little lingering alcohol. The alcohol IS well hidden (after all it is a 10% beer), but it still finishes with a bit...

Ultra Blonde

11.2 oz Stubbie, different label to the one in the BA database - the new one has a more modern black and yellow look. Best Before 01/02/11 printed on the cap - plenty of time left to enjoy this! Into the Duvel tulip this has a huge head that settles down a little in time. Some lace. Body is darker than many Tripel's and has a rich dark gold feel about it. Lots of sweet alcoholic yeast in the nose. A tart bitterness holds this up nicely and the sweetness that is typical of the style is...