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Brasserie à Vapeur

Saison de Pipaix

Wow, an old, old friend. Very surprised I had not reviewed this, but also I haven’t seen it for years and years. Probably haven't drunk it since the mid-00s back in Atlanta when and where it was pretty widely available. 750 mL, capped from Belgian-Style Ales online. Lively pour, slight gusher. Mid-orange color with a very generous head. Lacing excellent. Nose has a high level of farmhouse funk. Some of this is reflected in those first tastes, but at the outset there is a fairly distinguishable...

Vapeur En Folie

750 mL bottle, capped & corked from Green's on Ponce, Atlanta, GA. Cork comes out pretty easily with on a dull pop. Champagne style with large dimpled bottom. Green. Pour is a golden orange with a fine, light froth for the head. Some good haze and the fine carbonation leads to some nice smoothness in the mouth. Nose has some floral notes and a does of medicinal, estery, phenol. Not strong but noticeable. There is a fairly large hop profile for a beer of this type. Of course, that's not to say...