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Birrificio Le Baladin


$13.95 for the very attractive, 750 mL presentation from Vintage Cellar, Blacksburg, VA, USA. Blue foil and strange kind of cap completes the picture. Many Italian beers have been a crapshoot for me, and the combination of varying quality and somewhat expensive prices have led me to be a touch wary. From time to time I'll break down and get one, and this is one of those times. Pour is initially extremely carbonated but this fades fast. A thin ring around the beer and some surface froth leaves...

Baladin Nora

$12.99 Arbor Place Beverage, Douglasville, GA, USA. 750 mL with one of those stay fresh caps - a cross between a cap and a cork. Interesting story behind this purchase. I know for a fact that this particular bottle had been sitting on the shelves in the store for at least three years, and that the beer was almost certainly even older than that. I bought it with a little trepidation, but at the same time I was quite confident that the store had done the cellaring work for me. Took it down to...