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Big Sky Brewing Company

Big Sky IPA

12oz bottle as a single from BA russpowell in a recent trade. Thanks! 318 07 3 on the bottle neck. Run-of-the-mill American IPA with a hop base that is consistent with the style, slightly unbalanced and mildly puckering. Malt is there but battered by the hops. The head is small and poorly retained. Decent color, more on the brown side rather than the oft orange side of things. Nose is fairly aggressive with a citrus ine combo. At the end of the day an OK American IPA, but it's somewhat lost in...

Moose Drool Brown Ale

Notes added 10/07/21 12 oz can (pictured) from a recent Cody, WY trip. it was all said in March of 2008 below. Easy drinking, nutty simplicity that looks great and stylistically true. More English than American, and when it comes to brown ales that couldn’t be better. Malts are in competition with nothing, and the beer drinks like a brown ale should. Smooth, without fuss, understated drinkability. A light touch, but still a beer with presence. This is what beer brewed well tastes like. I do...